6 SEO tips for Joomla websites

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seo joomla tips

Understanding the basics of the SEO Joomla is very much important for designing the outcome in a better way. So be ready to adapt the changes for best results.

Day-by-day the competition in the online marketing is increasing, the toughness of winning the market standard is also increasing. Irrespective of the business you are dealing, SEO will make you win the race on a long run. In many ways SEO has proven its efficiency in growing the business and thus meeting the objectives of every individual business done.

We now countless people are depending internet for finding a genuine solution to their queries. The search engine can probably give best solution to the query and so that is making the public too much depended on the system. Because of the online results, millions of websites are built everyday and most of them are built with Joomla.

Some SEO tips for Joomla websites:

1) Make sure that the search engine friendly URL’s are enabled each and every time. So by enabling this option in your Joomla area, you can remove all the dynamically set URLs easily. It also replaces the alternative of the menu that you are being used in your menu page.

2) The next step must be to enable the rewriting of the URL. Once you have enable this option, /index.php/ will be removed from the settings as well.

3) Now it is the time for removing the htaccess.txt to .htaccess. Once you enable the URL rewriting the set up will be much impressive than before.

4) In order to get the maximum result in the Joomla SEO, make sure that the meta description and meta keywords have improved. For that you have to go into the Global configuration and from there pick up the “Metadata settings”. Make sure that the meta description and the meta keyword are put in the correct location.

5) Next step is optimizing the Robots.txt file and likewise optimizing the quality of the images. The robots.txt files are used to inform the search engine regarding the files that you don’t need for indexing.

At the time of installation itself Joomla has created a downloaded this robots.txt file. The disallow rule in it will instruct the search engine not to index the image folder. At the same time it is important to understand that the images can increase the traffic flow to the website and so it is considered better to remove the link from the file.

6) The site map installation is very much demanded. The sitemap can help with spelling out the contents of the website correctly and makes the information visible for the search engine spiders. Another thing is the Joomla extension. This will helps in generating the HTML as well as XML website for the site as well.

These were the most important changes that you should do after installing the Joomla for better SEO results.

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