PPC Spy Tools and PPC Management Tools

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ppc management and spy tools

Almost every craft uses tools to get their job done. From carpenters to doctors everyone has their specific tool to perform the work. PPC (pay-per-click) is no different. There are two types of Pay-Per-Click Tools : PPC Management Tools and PPC Spy Tools. They both have their own benefits and techniques of using. They will not only save your time, provide imperative insights, but also increase your company revenue and clients.

(PPC) Pay-Per-Click Spy Tools

SEMrushThe best tool to spy your competitors’ campaigns such as finding their keywords and targeted locations data. You can take this tool’s free trial for 14 days and if you think this tool can really help to boost your campaign then buy its annual plan worth $58 per month.

SpyfuThe name describes itself, this works under the same principle like SEMrush does, it also helps you to gain insight into your competition. However, it has some cool features that make this tool little better than other tools, such as the ability to download all of your competitors’ keywords. It also has a unique feature through which you can see your competitors’ important information with an ease.

Google Trends This is very crucial for adjusting campaigns to match seasonal demand. In this tool, you can check the current trending data or keywords relevant to your product that people are excessively searching on Google OR check the previously trending keywords of your competitors. This will help you to boost your campaign by editing your product’s keywords with the highest searched keywords.

(PPC) Pay-Per-Click Management Tools

AdWords Editor It is basically an app which has many bulk editing features. With the help of this app, you can easily edit and optimize your keywords and bids in offline mode, which you can further update. If you frequently work on large campaigns or campaigns across multiple accounts in Google AdWords, then AdWords Editor is must for you. However, it looks similar to AdWords interface which you use online, the desktop version of AdWords Editor is probably faster than to AdWords interface.

Bing Ads Editor Almost similar to AdWords Editor, the only difference between two is: Bing Ads Editor is used to maintain your Bing Ads, while AdWords Editor is for Google Ads.

Google Keyword Planner Well, I think you are very well aware of this tool. This tool is very useful to find the relevant keywords for your content and campaign, that’s why it is used in both SEO and PPC keyword research.

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