Mobile Technical SEO – An Ultimate SEO Guide

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It is no surprise that Google puts mobile at the very core of its search engine algorithm as the smartphone users are growing at a tremendously high pace every year while desktop users are languishing. Mobile is ordained to turn out to be the backbone of determining rankings on both the mobile and desktop versions of your website. So, it is indispensable to look at technical SEO from a mobile perspective.

Presently, there are three mobile configurations recognized by Google – Separate URLs, Dynamic Serving, and Responsive Web Design. However, using responsive web design is advised by Google as it is distinguishable from the other two due to the HTML and URLs remaining in the same for both desktop and mobile.

Responsive Web Design

CSS media queries are used for a responsive web design that permit desktop web pages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen, which redesigns the content as per the device.


  • Google crawlers and other bots only necessitate to crawl once, which certainly helps in indexing the pages efficiently and escalating crawl budget.
  • Singular URL is better for users and makes content convenient to share and to click on.
  • Redirects are not needed to take them to the right version of the page. This lessens mistakes that can be made while creating redirects on your site.


  • Can’t be used for tablets or feature phones like the other two.
  • The mobile version goes down if the desktop version goes down.

Separate URLs

There is an equivalent mobile URL with mobile configuration for every desktop URL on your site. This lets you to serve mobile-dedicated content.


  • Easy implementation
  • Mobile-dedicated content


  • Waste of crawl resources.
  • User agent redirects are prone to errors.

Dynamic Serving

Dynamic serving makes use of agent detection to deliver alternate CSS and HTML as per the user agents that are requesting them.


  • No redirection needed
  • Exclusive experience delivered per device


  • Bots require to crawl pages with different user agents, which uses up crawl budget and can result in inefficiency of indexing.
  • User agents redirects are often prone to errors.

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