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If you could honestly increase website conversion rate and generate 50 to 100% more sales without increasing traffic (or online marketing costs), why wouldn’t you? Even major multi-national corporations like Apple, Google, and Moz have hired conversion rate optimization experts to boost their online conversions but most smaller online businesses have yet to benefit from optimization because they tend to be fairly large investments and can take up to 8 weeks or more to complete. But today, I am going to share easiest ways to increase website conversion rate immediately for increased sales, including:

1) Eliminating Worthless Keywords from PPC Campaigns

2) Simplifying Your Marketing Funnel

3) Boosting Your Qualified Leads

The average PPC campaign is literally wasting 40% or more of the marketing budget on non-converting keywords. Sure, these keywords may be driving traffic to your site, but it isn’t converting so why are you paying for it? To fix this problem and immediately increase website conversion rate, be sure that Conversions are enabled in your Google Adwords account. Once configured, the conversion rate for each keyword should display right alongside your CPC and CTR data when viewing individual keywords within adgroups. Specifically, you’ll want to be sure to be tracking:

– Anyone Who Completes Primary Conversion Like a Purchase or Qualified Lead

– Anyone Who Stays on Site 5 Minutes or More

– Anyone Who Visits 5 or More Pages

The 5-minute and 5-page goals are both pre-set options you can simply select within Goals when configuring. But for the primary conversion, you’ll have to copy and past the url of your Thank You page to register conversions since this is the page that displays after a conversion is made. It’s super simple and takes just minute to complete.

Once your sample size of visitors is large enough, you can then increase website conversion rate immediately by eliminating all non-converting keywords. This will reduce your marketing budget, reduce traffic levels, but maintain sales at current levels so all of the extra money you save–is 100% profit!

Another very easy way to increase website conversion rate immediately is to simplify your Marketing Funnel. A lot of ecommerce sites use Inventory Management Systems that require visitors to create an account and login before they can complete a purchase–this is an unnecessary and burdensome step in your marketing funnel. Simply disable this function in your system and not only will you see conversions rise immediately: But you’ll still get most of the same information when the prospect completes the purchase anyway.

Finally, you can also boost conversion rate for your qualified leads by reducing the number of Required Fields necessary to complete a conversion. Now I understand you may want some of this information (like a phone number) but if you have a solid autoresponder campaign in place, you can still get this data one step down the road. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of building your internal marketing list faster that you can then market to during special promotions, use to build affiliate income, etc.

Make no mistake, the three strategies I have listed here to increase website conversion rate are NOT a substitute for conversion rate optimization. But for website owners in need of a quick boost in conversions without massive investment, these optimization tips will immediately work.

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