How Much Content is Enough for SEO Success

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How Much Content is Enough to rank in GoogleWho does not want to get maximum reach of their website, but for this one has to perform certain tasks to boost his site’s ranking. These days content is the most repeated mantra in SEO, many studies show that the companies who produce more content get more organic traffic. Even posting one or two blogs in a week can bang your brand’s organic search presence in a long run. After all, each blog post can rank in SERPs like any static page of the website. But one of the best things about a blog is that there is no limit to how many pages of content you can create! Most companies don’t update their website’s content daily, but with the company blog, the potential growth is exponential!

How much amount of Content is enough?

As per Google’s guidelines, creating a high-quality web page content required two things. First, a website should have enough content to deliver your message. For instance, if your content can reach to its endpoint and provide sufficient information in 300 words, then you should end your blog in 300 words. When writing, try to give as much information as needed without putting a specific word count in mind. For example, if you aim to write 1,000 words, but you can provide 600 words of adequate information for your blog topic, it is better to stop at 600 words instead of writing 400 words of fluff content so that you can reach your word count goal.

Secondly, the most important thing one should remember while writing is the quality of content. As per Google’s guidelines, creating a high-quality content takes a significant amount of time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill. When writing, you should pay a close attention and check whether your content serves its purpose.

How often should you post a new blog on your website?

This is the point where experts differ. Some say once a week is often enough. Other says twice a week is enough to get a good search engine ranking. It actually differs in the nature of the site. A website’s commercial blog should be updated once, twice, or even per day. However, a static content can be added twice a week. Try to figure it out. Going for weeks without any adding any content, then suddenly adding articles in a bulk is not going to get you anywhere. Maintaining a proper balance is necessary.

At the end, Content is really a king on the Internet. Use it properly to enhance your business traffic and revenue!

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