6 Advance SEO Tips for Beginners

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You will most likely find a plethora of guides for SEO beginners or intermediates, but will hardly ever encounter the ones typically meant for the professionals. The ones with a few years of experience in SEO categorize themselves as “Experts” or into “Advanced” level, which actually they aren’t.

This is an exclusive guide that comprises of some of the most promising tips focused on advanced level technical SEO.

1) Use Schema To Boost CTR – Schema can hook up with rich snippets in Google’s search results. Obviously, an image or the review stars in Google’s search results will enhance your CTR. But, like anything in SEO, assure to stay legit. The ones considering gaming the system with Schema.org markups may experience penalties by Google.

2) Remove/Non-Index Average Blog Posts – Every crappy blog post should be removed. The page which is not generating any revenue or bringing in traffic is absolutely futile. It is better to wipe it out or redirect to any other relevant post.

3) Execute Video Schema – If you are using YouTube to embed the videos, the schema will be added automatically for you. However, if not, it is recommended to add a video metadata will work absolute wonders.

4) Slice Zero-Traffic Ecommerce Product Pages – Usually, most of the e-commerce websites comprised of way too many product pages and as much as 95% of these pages are completely useless as they do not bring in any revenue. Getting rid of such pages is worth for the sake of SEO will certainly let you experience the difference.

5) Dodge Duplicate Content With Canonical URLs – It is completely inevitable that a huge e-commerce website with hundreds of pages will surely have a massive duplicate content, which can have adverse effects on SEO. Dodging the duplicate content simply by setting up canonical URLs will unquestionably help you experience the desired results effortlessly.

6) Apply SSL – According to Google, HTTPS is a “Ranking Signal”. If you have ever been on the fence about SSL, it is advised to try it. Switching to HTTPS solely for SEO is not recommended as it may lead to some serious technical issues, resulting in more harm than good.

So, do you still categorize yourself under “Expert” or “Advanced” level service provider for SEO? Try out these 100% actionable and result-oriented technical SEO techniques and experience the difference.

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